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Celebrate Your Birthday with RARE Nightlife

At RARE Nightlife, every day is a grand affair, and your birthday? It's the grandest of them all.


Our Birthday Package

Elevate your birthday to a RARE level - let us orchestrate an evening where you’re not just a guest, but the star of the show!

As a treasured RARE member, your birthday isn’t just another day - its a chance to immerse yourself in an experience tailored just for you. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Custom Signage:

    • Your name, in shining lights. A personalized sign that announces to the world that tonight is unequivocally, unapologetically about you.

  • Champagne:

    • Pop the bubbly and toast to another year of fabulous you! 

  • Dinner:

    • With top restaurants like TAO, Toca Madera, Didi Weho, Beauty & Essex, and more in our rotation, we’ll start your special night right with a dash of culinary magic.


At RARE Nightlife, the occasion of your birth is the event of the season. We love every reason to celebrate our members at fun clubs like Poppy, Hyde Sunset, Bootsy Bellows, and The Highlight Room. While we do our best to provide these serendipitous delights, availability is subject to demand and not guaranteed. Please contact us to determine the availability of these services for your special night.


Reserve your birthday bash today! Set the stage for a year to remember. It’s not just any celebration — it’s your day, the RARE way.

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